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You can download and print your waiver by selecting this file —>  VZA waiver

Our waivers are on legal sized paper. Please make sure you adjust your printer formatting to fit the document onto the paper size you are printing on.

Waiver Instructions

Participants aged 19 and over must complete their own waiver. Please ensure that all participant information is complete and accurate. Please initial ALL highlighted boxes (3 on front, 3 on back). Participants must sign and date the waiver.

Participants aged 18 and under must have a parent/legal guardian complete their waiver. The parent/legal guardian must fill out all participant information, initial all highlighted boxes (3 on front, 3 on back), as well as signing and dating the waiver. An additional section (PARENT AND/OR LEGAL GUARDIAN ADDITIONAL INDEMNIFICATION) must be initialed, signed, and dated as well.

Please note: Participants MUST be within our weight restrictions. Minimum 65 lbs, maximum 250 lbs.